Sunday, November 14, 2010

Early Turkey Day: Microwave Turkey Breast

I am blessed, BLESSED to have my mom and dad to go home to every Thanksgiving. But it does mean I seldom get to make a whole turkey.

On the other hand, when this time of the year rolls around and turkey breasts become readily available, I often cook one for dinner.

It's not complicated, thanks to this microwave recipe I found years ago who knows where. And it takes only an hour to make, easy enough even for a weeknight.

Tonight we had it with oven roasted sweet potato slices and cranberry sauce. No real stuffing, but SC likes the box kind too, and the Man is happy with rice.

Later this week, some of the meat will go into Tettrazinni. And the carcass will end up my slow cooker to make stock for Turkey Chowder.

Gobble, Gobble!

Microwave Turkey Breast
Turkey breast ( they average 6-8 pounds)
Lemon Juice

Place the turkey breast skin side down  in a dish large enough to hold it. A deep casserole dish works well--I use one of my Corning blue flower casseroles, the 4-6 qt size.

Sprinkle with paprika and a little pepper

Microwave on HIGH for 40 minutes. (If you have a vented cover, use it!)

Turn the turkey breast skin side up. Sprinkle more paprika and pepper on the skin, then a bit of lemon juice.
Spoon up the pan juices and baste the breast.

Cook 15-20 more minutes on HIGH until the meat registers at least 168. If it has a pop out timer, it may or may not pop out--I'd use the thermometer.

Let the meat rest, either in the microwave or on the counter, tented with foil.

That's it--serve!

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