Monday, November 22, 2010

Talking Turkey Again: Turkey Salad W/Cranberries

Here's another recipe to add to my ways of using up a turkey breast or that turkey my mom is sure to send home with us next weekend. It's based on a sandwich I enjoyed recently at Isaac's Deli, which has restaurants all over the Penn Dutch area we like to visit regularly.

The Man suggested the pickle relish--it seemed weird to me, because though I like it in tuna I didn't think it would go well with the cranberries. But it does!

Turkey Salad With Cranberries

2-4 cups of chopped turkey meat (I made it chunky and I think it's more flavorful that way)
mayonnaise (low fat is fine) and/or low fat yogurt
dried cranberries (we always have large bags of Ocean Spray Craisins that I buy in Costco)
sweet pickle relish
chopped almonds (optional, but it adds a nice crunch)

Place the turkey in a large bowl and add mayo/yogurt to moisten well.
Add cranberries, relish and almonds to taste. Mix well.

This will be better chilled in the fridge (as in the leftovers I'm eating today), but it's fine at room temperature.
Delicious stuffed into a pita, or rolled into a flatwrap.

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