Monday, December 13, 2010

Santa Lucia

No, I'm 100% NON-Swedish.
But we have a house full of furniture from Ikea, and a celebration of light in the dark days of early December is a wonderful thing.

I made Lucia buns last night with a recipe from King Arthur Flour. I had to add more flour than they suggested--otherwise it would have been way too sticky. And I didn't have the lovely (and probably expensive) Swedish pearl sugar. But they looked just like the ones in the blog pictures do aside from that. JR and I ate them with some honey--a glaze would be nice as well.

And since our library holiday party was today, I suggested we do a Lucia theme. I brought in Swedish meatballs from Ikea. Cooked them in the microwave at work, dumped them in my crock pot, made a batch of  sauce in the microwave, and added that. They were excellent.

The "Lucia Penguin" agreed.
He was just sorry I hadn't brought some gravlax as well.............

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