Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Night Dinner:Spatchcock Chicken

I like to make roast chicken a lot of Sundays. I have the time to tend to the bird and the leftovers are useful for various weeknight recipes.

But I've often found the bird taking forever to cook and end up serving dinner much later than I'd like. And it's hard to get it to cook evenly.

Last time I made a chicken, I decided to try spatchcocking it, something I had done years ago for smoked chicken on the BBQ. I simply cut the chicken up the back on both sides of the backbone, pulled out the backbone and opened the chicken up flat. Then I roasted it as usual.

The result was a chicken that was ready earlier than I'd even planned for. The pop up time actually popped up! It was easy to cut up.

And the skin was crisp, the meat delicious. We all feasted.

Unless I plan on stuffing it, I may never cook a roasted chicken any other way. In fact, I just pulled tonight's chicken from the oven.

I found this video on YouTube and like how the gentleman shows his technique and explains things. Though I haven't bothered to take the breastbone from my chicken and it flattened out fine anyway.

He's using this chicken for a BBQ. To roast it in the oven:

1)Place it in a foil covered roasting pan on a rack, skin side up.
2)Dress with olive oil and any seasonings of your choice--I use paprika and sometimes black pepper.
3)Roast at 450 degrees F for 30 minutes to an hour to crisp the skin. Then reduce the heat to 375 degrees and roast until the breast meat is at about 168 and the thigh meat at 180

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  1. I definitely do it that way when I'm going to grill it. I always call it "butterflied" which is easier to say anyway.

    For a while I was having the same problem: when my chicken should have been done, it was still raw. Recently, I have had great luck using the convection mode at 425 degrees on 3-4 lb. unstuffed birds - that really makes it quick and easy. Under two hours, which is not even unreasonable for a week night if you get out of work before 5 pm.



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