Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday, December 7:Better Than Takeout

Fried rice at home is far better than the restaurant or buffet kind, and that's what the girls had last night, made with leftover beef from that London broil we made a few days ago. The basic recipe, originally from is easy to vary--the Man recently made it Filipino style with canned corned beef while I was away. Don't tell my mom!

The egg topping was the best I'd ever made. It's basically like making an omelet, and I think making sure the pan was very hot when I poured in the egg made a difference. And I always like rolling the egg up chiffonade style and slicing it into strips--makes me feel like a real cook!

The Man and I had marinated wild Alaska salmon fillets I bought at Costco this summer. I like buying seafood there--their farm raised salmon got highest marks in a recent Washington Post taste test, and their care for food safety is well known. The only problem is the large packages, because we don't have a separate freezer, and the fridge freezer is always full. It's one of the main things I long for when I think of moving--that and adequate space for the Man's books and other stuff!

I used half the fillets on the grill in August (they were really good that way), tossed out the box and put the rest of the individually wrapped packets into a big ziplock, along with the cooking instructions I'd cut from the box. I baked them, which is a great way to do frozen fish--no defrosting required. With un-fried rice on the side, of course........

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