Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Way to Eat All That Salmon

Last Sunday I cooked a 2 lb salmon fillet on my grill. It was marinated in Rosie's bourbon marinade, only I used rum because that's what we had on hand. And I cooked it on a cedar plank. Salmon heaven.

Only the Man went out on a bike trip that day, came home late, and didn't eat it. He didn't end up eating it over the next few days, and he's away this weekend. The girls don't really like salmon, and SC is away as well anyway,

So I've been eating some of the best salmon I've ever made, all by myself, and loving it. And the other night I remembered that long ago, pre-kids, I used to make a sort of pickled salmon, baked in a vinaigrette thing--a Jane Brody recipe. And that it had a simple yogurt sauce.

The original recipe calls for yogurt mixed with a little mustard, but I simple topped bow tie (farfelle) pasta with some plain yogurt, tossed it with salmon chunks, and sprinkled on a little dill. And it's lovely and creamy and healthy.

In fact, I'm having some for lunch right now and loving it.

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